Weibull Distribution Plotter Programme
Weibull distribution
Choose between entering
mean wind speed (2.0-12.0 m/s) or
scale parameter A in the first box
, then enter shape k = (1.0-3.0).
Click to draw.
This page will give you an idea of the way different Weibull distributions look. The mean wind speed or the scale parameter, A, is used to indicate how windy the site is, on average. The shape parameter, k, tells how peaked the distibution is, i.e. if the wind speeds always tend to be very close to a certain value, the distibution will have a high k value, and be very peaked.
Start by clicking Weibull to see the result of our example on the previous page. Then try changing one parameter at a time, and watch what happens.
To print the results of the plotter programme you should make a screen dump.
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Updated 1 June 2003
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