Seasonal Variation in Wind Energy
Wind Energy Index, Denmark
Wind Matches Seasonal Electricity Consumption Patterns
In temperate zones summer winds are generally weak compared to winter winds. Electricity consumption is generally higher in winter than in summer in these regions.
In the cooler areas of the globe, electrical heating is therefore ideal in combination with wind energy, because the cooling of houses varies with the wind speed much like the electricity production of wind turbines vary with wind speeds.
In electricity systems that are not based on hydropower and wind there may be good reasons to avoid electrical heating, however:
Conventional power plant wastes a lot of heat, and thus fuel (at least 60%), i.e. for every unit of useful heat consumed by a household, the power station will waste 1.5 units of heat (and fuel).
Annual Variation in Wind Energy
Annual variation in wind energy in Denmark Just like harvest yields vary from year to year in agriculture, you will find that wind patters may vary from year to year. Typically, the variations are less than the changes in agricultural production. In the case of Denmark, you will see that output from wind turbines typically have a variation (a standard deviation) of some 9 to 10 per cent. You may see the monthly and yearly variations in Denmark during more than 20 years on the web site Vindstyrke.
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