Where does Wind Energy come From?
The Coriolis Force
Wind Energy Resources: Global Winds
The Geostrophic Wind
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1) The atmosphere surrounds the Earth.
The inner part of the atmosphere is called the troposphere. The troposphere is about 10 km high and consists of air
There is more air close to the Earth than farther away. 8-10 km away from the Earth there is so little air that people have trouble breathing
On the drawing the troposphere appears larger than it actually is

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2) There are two main causes for wind.
One is that the Earth is always revolving around its own axis.
If you were to imagine that the troposphere – that is the air – stood still, you would feel the air as wind when the Earth was revolving.
Luckily the air in the lowest couple of hundred metres follows the rotation of the Earth, so it is not as windy as it would be if the air stood completely still.

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