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Two rooms
Miller is standing in the doorway between a warm room and a cold room. Can you see which room is the warmest?

Look at the flame. Which way is it turning ?
A wind is created at the top of the doorway when the warm air enters the cold room and rises.

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The wind continues to blow, as long as there is a difference in temperature between the two rooms.

The fire in the fireplace heats the air.
The warm air floats into the top of cold room, where it eventually will disappear through walls and windows. The fireplace is acting like the sun that is constantly heating the Earth.

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At the bottom the wind is going the other way from the cold to the warm room.

Warm air is light and rises.
When the warm and light air rises, it makes room for the cold air, which then floats into the warm room at the bottom of the doorway.

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