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Build a Small Wind Turbine

Try how much weight you can hoist with your wind turbine.

Look at this drawing to see how to construct the wind turbine.
Start by fixing the cork to the flower stick, which will be the shaft of the wind turbine model. Then put on a block of wood, a washer, the straw, the second washer and the second block (in that order). The wooden blocks should be glued to the flower stick.
Make a rotor from a piece of paper by following the instructions shown on this drawing.
Fix the rotor to the cork using a pin and some glue.
Finally attach the sewing thread to the flower stick. Bend the nail to form a hook and tie it to the end of the string.

Miller and his dog

A thick drinking straw, 18 cm long
A flower stick, approx. 3-5 mm wide, 25 cm long
Sewing thread
1 cork
2 wooden blocks of 2 x 2 x 2 cm
2 washers, of a size fitting the flower stick
A drawing pin
A thin nail, approx. 40 mm long
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