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Shell casting
Two shells are cast in another place in the blade factory. The two shells will later on be assembled to form a rotor blade.
The men cover the glass fibre with plastic to protect it. It is important to be accurate when you are making blades.
Rotor blade assembly
The two shells are put into a mould, which is then closed.
The shells are heated in an oven. This makes the glass fibre hard.
Glueing the rotor blades
Before the shells are assembled, the beam is put in between them.
Right beneath the beam you can see the layer of glue.
Smoothing the rotor blades
The shells have to be very smooth so that the wind will not be slowed down when it moves across the surface of the blade.
That is why all small scratches are filled with glass fibre. Finally the rotor blades are ground and polished until they are completely smooth.
The rotor blade has to be very strong.
That is why there is a beam inside every blade.
The beam is as long as the entire blade.
The beam is cast in glass fibre in a bag that is filled with very hot air like in an oven.
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